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What is a Forging Class?

In the Forging Class, students forge a knife from a railroad spike the old fashioned way with a hammer and an anvil.

What is a Knifemaking Class?

In the Knifemaking Class, students grind a knife from a steel blank, put handles on it and finish the blade. There will be as much or as little instruction as desired, the goal is for students to learn but also to leave the Forge with a quality knife. 

How long do class sessions typically last for?

Depending on the class size, plan on about 6 hours for either the Forging or Knifemaking class.

When ordering custom pieces, what's the average turnaround time to be expected?

The current and average lead time is 4-5 weeks.

Where do you currently ship custom pieces?

US (average rate: $10) and Canada (average rate: $25), anywhere else is a custom freight quote.

How many years has 51 Bravo been in business?

6 years, founded in 2016.

Between Forging and Knifemaking, which class is easiest for beginners?

The Forging class, no experience necessary.

How many people are allowed in the Forge per class?

Forging and Knifemaking: 3 people  |  Axe Throwing: 4 people

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